Our Mission

To assist the underprivileged in society to realize their potential, through awareness creation and participatory approaches that ensure good governance, improved health, education status and increase employment opportunities for the people.

Our Vision

HOPE FOR ALL FOUNDATION seeks to become a National organization with international recognition that enhances the livelihood, health and environment of its target group through advocacy and socio economic service”

Our Values
  • Transparency
  • • Accountability
  • • Commitment
  • • Integrity
  • • Equity
  • • Innovative
Our Objectives

The major strategic focus areas were identified to guide Hope for All Foundation towards achieving its vision

  1.  1.   To build capacity and strengthen collaboration with communities and other groups to improve health and wellbeing of children and women, including reproductive and sexual health concerns
  2. 2.    To assist in disease prevention as well as improving and sustaining medical care for the underprivileged, families, mothers and children through advocacy.



3.    To strengthen linkages within society and provision of alternative livelihood programs to address gender concerns

4.   To improve good local governance through effective community participation in Development planning process and ensuring an accountable and transparent local government structure.

5.    To build civil society’s capacity to improve basic education and health to ensure sustainable, sound management and protection of natural resource and environment through advocacy, lobbying and capacity development of the target communities

Our Partners



Family Health International

Ghana AIDS Commission